Photo 13 Apr Casual. #imats2014#nyc#makeup (at IMATS New York)

Casual. #imats2014#nyc#makeup (at IMATS New York)

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This book gives me more information about penguins than I care to have.

In 1944 a children’s book club sent a volume about penguins to a 10-year-old girl, enclosing a card seeking her opinion.

She wrote, “This book gives me more information about penguins than I care to have.”

American diplomat Hugh Gibson called it the finest piece of literary criticism he had ever read.

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I have a lot of things I should be worrying about like Astronomy and financial aid and summer work and stuff but instead I’ve spent an hour trying to figure out the perfect spring jacket.

A leather jacket?

A trench?


I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Also praise Hamilton Deli for their low delivery minimum, sandwiches in 15 minutes even when the estimate is an hour, and sweet delivery people

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There are few things in this world as disappointing as the Times Square H&M it is sad and worthless and doesn’t even have bras what are they doing shouldn’t the Times Square location be one of the biggest WHAT ARE YOU THINKING

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i think im gonna sign up for a pilates class at 8:15 in the morning x2 week.  cant decide if the is going to be great or horrible.

GREAT! but also give yourself the leniency to skip when you need to and don’t be mad at yourself and then you can reap the benefits :)

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(Bill) Clinton spent a good portion of his interview with Kimmel talking about aliens. Like you do when you’re a 67 year old vegan who works for a non-profit.

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